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Commuting To Work, What Is An Acceptable Travel Time?

Posted on 20:40:12, Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Where we choose to live is usually a decision taken based on finance, family, schools, and a “reasonable” commuting to work time, but how exactly do we determine what is a “reasonable” commuting time? And is it too much?

Is your commute to work taking too long?

Are you commuting to and from work every day for up to three hours? Is it worth that extra few euro in a bank account?  What is the benefit of earning a bigger salary if you are missing out on what attracted you to the location and home environment in the first place?

Does the fear of hearing traffic bulletins or the latest bus/rail strikes fill you with dread?

Are we unconsciously “plugging in our earphones” at every opportunity to feel less isolated, as we spend longer & longer times commuting?

A lot of properties for sale or rent advise ‘under a one-hour commute time’ to cities or larger towns. What they fail to mention is that these commute times only work if you’re ok getting up at five am, leaving at seven pm or working on the weekends!  Our motorways and key access routes are very slow at peak times (less so during school holidays granted). Even the bus lanes are slow at peak times. In the main, our road systems are presently adding a minimum of one-hour extra commuting time to most destinations.

Location is a vital consideration when applying for that next job, as too is a work-life balance, something most strive for. If we can answer the above questions truthfully, then it should help us make the right decisions when reviewing new career opportunities.

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”  – A.J. Materi

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