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Engineering Your Career – Design & Build

Posted on 14:11:20, Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Many people are guilty of allowing complacency in their career path and stay in jobs that no longer challenge, excite, enjoy and like, truthfully, we have all probably done it at some stage.

With our hectic lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the motivation to search for “that something special” we feel is missing, and hence we are optimistically waiting for divine inspiration to help us out!

Engineering Your Career – Design & Build

Below are a few thoughts which may help you identify, design and build a path to ‘that something special.’

  • Ask yourself this ‘Why do I do what I do?’ You may want to write down this answer and place it somewhere visible, so it stays in the forefront of your mind.
    Is it because you want to impress friends, colleagues or the greater engineering world or is it just because you excelled in those particular subjects at school and you chose your particular career path accordingly? Once you stop and honestly define your career purpose; it should help you decide and point to the direction you need to be heading.
  • Once you’ve established where you want to be, your next question should be ‘Can I achieve this with my current employer?’ If yes, why not ask your current company what experience you need to gain or which courses can you attend to help get you there. You may have to sacrifice a little time initially, but, the result will be worth it. In some instances, your company may even assist or pay for this. Additional knowledge and experience will enhance your chance of future promotion while gaining fresh ideas that invigorate you.
  • But, If you can not achieve your goals with your current employer then perhaps now is time to consider changing your current employment path.
  • Joining Engineering Groups via Social Media is another avenue to consider as it will help keep you updated on events, conferences and courses, etc. Such groups are an excellent way to network, connect and meet new people and help you remain in touch with like-minded professionals or that ‘all-important’ career contact!

Once clear about why you are an Engineer, your long-term objective, and, have specific reasons for ‘what you do each day’, the career path you have chosen should, in turn, become so much more challenging & rewarding.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ―Pablo Picasso.

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