Why Talentselect

Whether you are looking for some of the best career choices available in Ireland or need some career guidance, our professional recruitment consultants can help you. Candidates, as well as employers, can learn interview techniques and get valuable advice on skills development. You can also sign-up to our website to get the latest job alerts that are tailored for you.

Collaborative Approach

At Talent Select our aim is, to foster a collaborative approach when providing professional, confidential advice and guidance with regards to future job opportunities and your career path.
We are committed to taking the time to listen and understand your motivations, career aspirations and personal situation. Wherever possible we will meet with you for a comprehensive and in confidence discussion.


We can provide practical help and suggestions to develop your interview skills including competency interview guidance to improve performance.

Our Commitment

We strive to deliver time-after-time. We achieve success through our committed and collaborative approach. Combining our energy, our industry network and our commitment to understanding your needs ensures we can offer practical career advice and opportunities.


With your permission, we will always represent you and present your details to our clients in an honest and professional manner.
As in any successful relationship, integrity is paramount, and we will, therefore, ask that you will be open & sincere during our discussions. Remember the aim is to ensure that your skills get selected while offering you the best possible career advice and guidance

Help Us, Help You

We would like you to adopt a very active involvement in the partnership and during the process. We will encourage you in researching our job opportunities and clients, updating and tweaking your CV as necessary, being punctual, preparing for and wearing the appropriate attire for interviews. We will try and focus on every little detail to help you achieve a positive outcome.
In return, we ask that, as a Talent Select candidate, you will represent the company in a fair, appropriate and professional manner.

Working together to get your skills Selected.

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