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We understand that identifying and hiring excellent staff is crucial if a business is to grow and prosper.

Working Together To Find The Perfect Hire.

Why Talent Select

At Talent Select, our team of professional recruitment consultants have extensive knowledge of the latest candidate sourcing techniques. They can advise you on important strategies; including workforce planning, search and selection and recruitment campaign management so that you have the best solution for your perfect hire.

Client Focus

We take great care in our engagement with the ever-changing market we recruit within; and the key to our continuous success is our unique, honest and thorough approach.

Our Experience

Over 15 years’ experience in providing strategic recruitment solutions to a wide-ranging client portfolio across different industry sectors. Extensive experience in executive search coupled with designing and delivering recruitment campaigns.

Our Commitment

We strive to deliver time-after-time. We achieve success through our committed and collaborative approach. Combining our energy, our industry network and our commitment to understanding your needs ensures we can deliver what you need and when required.

The Right Person for Your Business

We take the time to listen and to understand your needs as an employer. We identify only the most suitable candidates for your positions. We use many tried and trusted techniques along with the most up-to-date sourcing methods in finding the talent you need. Engaging with and building professional relationships with our candidates ensures we truly understand their experience, qualities, values and career aspirations to present you with only the applicants that we know will be of interest to your business.

Saving You Time & Money

If you don’t have the correct person for the role or lose time in selecting the right individual, it could be costing your business. Working in partnership with you, we will identify the right person for you, and thus save you time and money, which will allow you to concentrate on the core areas of your business.

Our Services Include

Executive Search
Search & Selection
Contract Recruitment
Workforce Planning
Consultancy & Support
Global Sourcing
Recruitment Research