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New You and New Year Resolutions 2017

Posted on 12:40:44, Monday, January 16th, 2017

New Year resolutions are often undertaken due to peer pressure; which is why they are doomed to fail.  Long before the countdown begins on New Years’ Eve; we already know deep down what we want or need to change and more importantly the reasons why.   For most of us all we want is to have peace of mind, be healthy, earn enough to pay the bills and a small holiday, have less stress and be able to sleep soundly once our heads hit the pillow!

Below are five resolutions ideas to help try and achieve the above…

Reduce Stress: Incorporate a five-minute simple coping mechanism into your day that will you give you a little “headspace” which is sometimes all we need to recharge.  A walk outside in the fresh air, a five minute game of candy crush :), a quick phone call to a friend; It doesn’t matter how trivial it is, whatever works for YOU! Need some guided help for this try the ‘Headspace’ App

Positive Attitude: Try to get into a habit of keeping your thoughts positive; Positive thoughts or affirmations may help you get what you truly desire.  People LOVE to do business with individuals who are proactive, positive and enthusiastic.  If a negative thought comes to mind, try to let it go and replace it with a positive one. Adding a simple change like smiling more (even when you don’t feel like it) will have a positive reaction.

Better Sleep: How we feel during our waking hours is often determined on how well we sleep.   If we have trouble nodding off at bedtime; it is usually to do with our daily routines & lifestyle choices.  Going to bed & rising at the same time helps our bodies stay in tune.; even at weekends try where possible to stick to your routine. Getting as much exposure to daylight during the day also can help and the old reliable exercise routine is a MUST; remember a little is better than nothing!

Validate: the people who matter – Too often we spend time worrying what strangers think of us and don’t give enough attention to those who matter.  A simple phone call, text message or impromptu visit will make their day; and in return making you feel better.

A New Job: Is your job getting you down? If so consider looking for a new one as 2017 promises to have much more career opportunities than recent years. Be honest when asking yourself what exactly you would like to do, seek advice from mentors, family or friends. Determine to Succeed!

Remember “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”  Kevin Kruse.

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